Brainstorming session for Kyrgyzstan

Virtual brainstorming session with local stakeholders from Kyrgystan

Scope: EO4SD CR Cluster (GMV) participated in an event with local stakeholders from Kyrgyzstan, organized by UNDP, GIZ and IFAD. During this event, GMV presented the EO based services to be developed for Kyrgyzstan assisting “Resilient Pastoral Livelihoods” Project. Specifically, cluster agreed to develop an EO based service to detect and assess the changes of the rangeland condition over 20-year period (2000-2020). 

IFAD's "Livestock and Market Development Programme II (LMDP2) aims to reduce poverty and enhance economic growth in pasture communities from Kyrgyzstan by improving livestock productivity and climate resilience – and thereby promoting equitable returns to livestock farmers.



  • Short introduction round (NDC Update, IFAD, EO4SD CR, ROAM study);
  • Needs for NDC update and possibilities with remote sensing (degradation trend according to the IPCC criteria and follow up questions); 
  • Approach of Future Waters/ROAM assessment and timeline;
  • Potential areas of cooperation;
  • QnA - Futher discussions

For more information, please see the relevant press release made by Kyrgyz Republic. Link

You can download the material created by EO4SD CR cluster from the following link.

Statistics of Brainstorming Event:

  • Event Category: Workshop
  • Status: Completed
  • Number of participants: >20
  • Date/Duration: 10th February / 2 hours
  • Location: Remote (Zoom)
  • Participant Compatibility Level: 2. New or potential user with training in EO